МОНГОЛ УЛСЫН ТӨЛӨӨ ЗҮТГЭЕ! : Mongolian Expeditionary Task Force holds combat lifesaver training

Mongolian Expeditionary Task Force holds combat lifesaver training

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Sgt. Bon-Benedict Villamil V, a combat lifesavers course instructor with the Alaska National Guard's 144th Area Support Medical Company monitors two Mongolian Expeditionary Task Force members as they successfully administer intravenous therapy. (Photo courtesy of Maj. Mark Binggeli, Alaska National Guard)
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CAMP EGGERS KABUL, Afghanistan (7/6/10) -- The Mongolian Expeditionary Task Force (METF) had the opportunity to learn some new skills during an Army Combat Lifesavers Course here in June.

Sixteen task force medical personnel attended the three-day course, which was taught by Soldiers of the 144th Area Support Medical Company of the Alaska National Guard.

The modern combat lifesaver course is designed to train Soldiers to apply immediate first aid in a forward deployed location. The combat lifesaver is a non-medical Soldier, trained to provide advanced life saving procedures and can provide a bridge between Soldiers trained in self/buddy aid and trauma specialists.

During the initial planning, METF considered integrating Mongolian soldiers into regularly scheduled combat lifesaver classes. However, this was feasible only for the English speaking staff members. Instead, the 144th agreed to conduct an additional dedicated course with English speaking METF officers, who acted as translators for their comrades.

The METF soldiers learned the latest U.S. Army techniques for clearing airways, treating shock, and stopping bleeding. They also learned how to apply a tourniquet and use new hemostatic agents in case of serious

In addition, the class provided hands-on training using practical exercises and allowed Soldiers to demonstrate skills with splinting, tactical casualty movements, treating tension and administering IV's.

The students received their combat lifesavers certificate during graduation and showed their appreciation by exchanging gifts and entertaining members of the 144th at the METF headquarters.

In an effort to continue to develop a strong relationship between Camp Eggers troop medical clinic and the METF, another CLS class has been scheduled for mid-July.
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