МОНГОЛ УЛСЫН ТӨЛӨӨ ЗҮТГЭЕ! : Mongolians Train Afghan Soldiers during Live-Fire Weapons Demonstration

Mongolians Train Afghan Soldiers during Live-Fire Weapons Demonstration

An Afghan National Army Soldier and a Mongolian Mobile Training Team member emplace an 88mm mortar system prior to a live-fire weapons demonstration on Sept.2 at the Camp Scenic weapons range near the Darulaman Infantry School in Kabul, Afghanistan. The MTT specialize in 82 mm mortars and are instructors at the infantry school training ANA Soldiers.

By Capt. Anthony Deiss

Task Force Rushmore Public Affairs

KABUL, Afghanistan – Members of the Mongolian Expeditionary Task Force (METF) trained Afghan National Army Soldiers (ANA) on several different weapons systems during a live-fire weapons demonstration Sept. 2 at the new Darulaman Infantry School to better prepare the Soldiers for security operations.

The ANA Soldiers fired 82 mm mortars and SPG-9 recoilless rifles, and honed their targeting skills along with other ANA infantry elements at Darulaman’s Camp Scenic weapons range, south of Kabul.

 “The Afghans just received new and refurbished weapons for their indirect-fire teams and are demonstrating the knowledge and use of these weapon systems with their Mongolian trainers,” said Maj. Mark Binggeli, staff advisor for the METF and Task Force Rushmore, Alaska Army National Guard.

The training event demonstrated the necessary coordination between different ANA elements to repel complex attacks. While infantry riflemen and humvees mounted with .50 caliber machine guns laid suppressive fire on targets down range, the mortar and rocket teams dropped in the artillery.

 “These weapons provide the infantry with a mortar and rocket capability, which is important for an effective force,” said Binggeli. “The Mongolians unique understanding of the mortar and rocket systems is providing key support to the ANA school. The demonstration by the ANA with the weapons was impressive.”

 The METF provides Mobile Training Team (MTT) instructors at the infantry school. The school, which was officially opened Aug. 1, teaches infantry tactics and employment of different weapon systems. The Mongolians are well suited for the mentorship and training of these direct and indirect-fire weapons.

 “They require trainers for the Russian 82 mm mortars and SPG-9 recoilless rifles at the school,” said Binggeli. “It’s a unique skill set that the Mongolian Field Artillery Soldiers posses.”

 The MTTs not only provide instruction at Darulaman, but are also providing mentor/trainers at the Kabul Military Training Center (KMTC). The Mongolian MTT is 23 strong with 10 trainers at KMTC, and 13 at Darulaman.

 “This is the first month the school has been in operation and the school is looking to put out large numbers of Soldiers,” said Binggeli. “So far, all the reports have been good and the Mongolian support to the school is vital.”

 According to an ISAF press release, the first class of 211 students began training July 30. If courses run at full capacity, the new school will be able to accommodate up to 2,000 students at one time, according to British Lt. Col. Jeremy Pughe-Morgan, lead mentor for the infantry school. He said each year they will be able to produce 14,000 infantrymen, helping to build a more resilient army that is better able to defeat insurgents.

 “The Mongolians are a key contributor to the NATO and ISAF mission,” said Binggeli. “They bring relevant knowledge to the mission. The training of the ANA is going well and it’s good to see the ANA being provided with new weapons and equipment, and enhancing their capacity to secure their country.”

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